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Yesterday's Varazze

The Delfino family still keeps the guest registers (compulsory since 1927) with the names of the great bicycle racers, journalists, industrialists and artists who have stayed at the Genovese during the years.


The history of the Genovese starts in the first years of the XX century. In an area where the economy was still based on fishing and shipbuilding, two young citizens, Bartolomeo Delfino (aka Bertullu) and his wife Antonietta Chiappori (aka Netin) rented the groundfloor of a buildings by the sea, and opened the trattoria “Genovese”.


1910 is the starting year of a new sport, road bicycle racing, which wold become extremely popular afterwards. Milan – San Remo, the annual road bicycle race, was definitely a great season beginning. Varazze has a mild climate all the year round, so the town was chosen as a training centre.

The first champions started staying at the “Genovese” on the top floor rooms arranged as a guest-house. The very first, after Gerbi, Ganna, the Azzimi, Girardengo, Guerra, Binda, Fausto Coppi and his brother Serse with all the Bianchi team, were the French.


In the ‘40s and ‘50s the great industrialists came, Crespi, Aga Kan Karim as well as journalists Gianni Brera and Ruggero Radice (Ra Ro). Showmen like Walter Chiari, who was fond of shrimps, actors Aroldo Tieri and Laura Adani.
Cav. Angelo Rizzoli, pioneer of the Italian cinema, felt at home at the "Genovese". Every time he left he took a jar of anchovies and a pot of oregano along. Very soon Bartolomeo and Antonietta' s children Bianca, Emanuele (aka Lino) and Teresa joined members of the hotel staff.
The Milan – San Remo day was a great party for all.

Just opposite the “Genovese” there was a flying finish line that entitled the first bicycle racer who crossed it to a free two-week stay for two people. On the occasion a crowd gathered outside the restaurant and hotel to see the racers (near Celle Ligure Lino was ready to supply the racers with bottles of water.)


By the mid Fifties the hotel and the bar had become a place where people had the opportunity to see the new communication media, the television. In front of a big black and white television, a crowd of enthusiast citizens could watch the first TV shows.
Meanwhile the restaurant rapidly had gained popularity and prestige, especially with tourists from Milan, Germany and Switzerland.
In 1956 Netin received an important Italian recognition for her work, the important "Cavalierato della Repubblica Italiana".
In the ‘60s, the Delfino Family, that had grown thanks to the birth of a lot of grandchildren, left the “Genovese”.


In 1994 Anna Maria Delfino, Bertullu’s granddaughter, took the family business over again and changed the hotel into a residence, the residence “Genovese al Mare”.
After more than a century from the start, we hope to welcome our guests to our House and to our beautiful town for the generations to come.



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